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Area rugs are common in most homes and buildings. Entrance mats capture soiling and protect floors which are found at the entrances of most structures. They also add beauty to a room and are made from an assortment of fibres, including cotton, wool and synthetic fibre. Since they are located in areas where people trod, they get soiled very quickly. The main challenge when cleaning is to identify the type of fibre and treat them differently from the other. All carpets, rugs and mats benefit from a cleaning process which is most often steam cleaning as the best choice. In certain cases, carpets require removal from the home or business and cleaned and dried at a plant. At Caledon Steam Clean, we have the expertise and experience in doing these.

We are one of the most recognized rug cleaning companies in Brampton, Mississauga, Woodbridge and the GTA. We specialize in Carpet cleaning and Rug Cleaning. Our expertise also includes fixing all kinds of carpets and rugs. We thoroughly clean and repair all types of mad of Wool and Cotton and rugs varying from Persian and Oriental to Contemporary European Tapestries. For further information call us at: 416-587-5113.

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