How to identify and repair carpet stretching

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New carpeting can be a great investment for your home. It stays warm in the winter and is softer than other surfaces for toddlers and young children who are prone to falling frequently. After having carpet installed, you may begin to notice rippling or bunching in the carpet. This can be very frustrating, but it is important to understand the underlying cause in order to correct the issue properly.

what causes stretching?

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Some people believe steam and humidity cause stretching, but that isn’t the case. Stretching is caused by the latex backing of carpet not being stretched properly during installation. If the carpet is stretched properly when installed, it won’t stretch with humidity. Medium and large rooms require the use of a tool called a power stretcher to make sure the carpet stretches enough throughout the entire room to prevent the carpet from becoming loose in the future. Unfortunately, carpet installers are often paid by the job and want to move quickly to the next install. Instead of using a time-consuming power stretcher, they may only use a small device called a knee stretcher, which only stretches the carpet around the edges of the room. This is fine with small spaces, but in larger applications, if the center of the carpet isn’t stretched enough during this process, over time it will pucker and bunch up, creating trip and fall hazards and diminishing its appearance.

How to repair stretching

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In most cases, stretching is best left to the professionals. If you are unfamiliar with how carpeting is manufactured, don’t try to install it yourself. If you don’t stretch it properly, the carpet may be irreparably damaged and it will have to be replaced. This is far more expensive than hiring a professional to do the job right without damaging the carpeting. If you have carpet problems, a trained professional can pull up the ends of the carpeting and stretch it across the room using a power stretcher. Once this process is complete, they will cut off any excess carpeting around the edges and secure the carpeting back in place. They may use a knee kicker to finish up the job, but if the room is medium to large size, a power stretcher will be used to correctly stretch the carpet.

other factors

carpet cleaning Barrie Ontario

Some other factors that may cause stretching involve use of padding that is too thick, a damaged or improperly installed tack strip, heavy furniture dragged across the carpet, installation was performed with the wrong adhesive, or the carpet could be breaking down due to aging. For more information on how to properly care for your carpeting and restore its appearance, contact us today at: (416)587-5113.