Upholstery cleaning services can improve your health

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Are respiratory problems affecting the health of you or someone you love in your home? Common problems such as asthma and throat infections are often caused by contaminants in the air. Have you had your upholstery cleaned recently? If you’re like most homeowners, there’s a good chance your sofas, mattresses, and other cushions have probably not been touched since you first purchased them. This can be a major oversight: dirty upholstery is one of the biggest contributors to respiratory problems.

dirty upholstery a denizen of Contaminants

carpet cleaning in Mississauga

As your upholstery sits in one place for years, it begins attracting bacteria, viruses, mould, and even fungal growth. Many of these items are microscopic and may not be noticeable to the naked eye. Even worse, dust mites, pet dander, cigarette smoke chemicals, and food particles end up trapped on the surface.

As these items gather on your upholstery, they can help feed other dangerous growths. This creates a dangerous cycle that can quickly make your upholstery an invisible playground for bio-contaminants. That’s a scary word, and for good reason: even small contaminants, like a little bit of dust, can seriously affect your lungs and overall health. Even if you can’t see dust mites, they attack the tissues in your lungs and can cause serious and long-lasting injury. By deep-cleaning your upholstery regularly, you can protect yourself, your guests, and loved ones.

Vacuuming Doesn't cut it

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While it’s true that vacuuming will help eliminate some dirt and dust from your upholstery, it won’t get deep enough to keep your furniture and fluffy belongings safe from dangerous contaminants.Bacteria, fungus, and other dangerous items stay where they are, resisting the pull of a vacuum, and continuing to spread. As a result, if you’re already not well, you’ll likely end up getting sicker.

A good deep cleaning will break up mould and bacteria. How? Read on:

Cleaning the upholstery helps

carpet cleaning in Mississauga

A professional upholstery cleaning service will use high heat and disinfecting substances to destroy any dangerous growths infecting your furniture and other surfaces. They will ensure all bacteria and viruses have been eliminated and your upholstery is clean and free from infection. If your home suffers from a high level of dust, or you are suffering from allergies and breathing issues you never experienced before, call Caledon Steam Clean to have us rid your home of allergens and other threats.