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The holidays are rapidly approaching and you’re struggling to prepare your home for visiting family and friends. The biggest obstacle: Your carpet. Fortunately, you can remove stains, revitalize your carpets, and add the scent of Christmas with a few easy steps.

Conquering Stains

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When preparing for the holidays, a stained carpet might create embarrassment. Erasing small blemishes sometimes takes a few easy steps:
  • Mix 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar or clear detergent with a quart of water
  • Spray the stain
  • Blot the carpet (don’t rub – it will drive the stain deeper)
If the stain persists after a few attempts, consider contacting carpet cleaning services.

An Oily Situation

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If while making an elaborate dinner for family and friends, you spill oily food on the carpet, don’t despair. A warm iron and a paper towel will do wonders to degrease the area. Heat an iron to a “warm” (not “hot”) setting. Place the paper towel over the oil stain and iron the towel. The heat will draw oil into the towel, removing the stain from the carpet.

The Scent of Christmas

If you’re tempted to try one of the countless scented carpet powders released during the holidays, resist that urge. Powders settle deep into fibers and harden when you steam clean the carpet. Instead, use scented sprays or candles to bring a holiday aroma into your home and save yourself the cost of carpet replacement.

Revitalize your Carpets

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You can do the heavy lifting yourself and clean your carpets by vacuuming and then going over them several times with a rented steam cleaner. However, for a more thorough cleaning, call Caledon Steam Clean today at (416)587-5113. Let us do the hard work while you enjoy the holidays. We provide carpet cleaning services in Brampton, Mississauga and Woodbridge.