Protect your carpet from holiday guests

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carpet cleaning in Mississauga

During the holiday season people who like to entertain often throw parties in their homes, and most homeowners have carpet throughout the house. Based on the number of people who visit (and slushy or muddy weather conditions), carpet can easily become damaged or terribly dirty. There are several simple tricks you can use to prevent carpet damage.

Use Area Rugs

carpet cleaning in Mississauga

One of the easiest ways Canadians can protect our wall-to-wall carpet is by using area rugs, which can be placed in high foot traffic areas. They can prevent everyday dirt from making its way into the carpet or carpet pad, as well as protect from party wine and food spills. Area rugs can add style and charm, especially ones that are holiday themed.

Footwear Storage Areas

carpet cleaning in Mississauga

Many of us in the Great White North simply require guests to take shoes off at the door. Hardware stores often sell boot trays that collect snow, slush and salt and protect the entryway floor. Place these (or even newspaper) at the door and encourage folks to drop their boots there. Make it fun by asking guests in advance to bring “clean party shoes” to change into and wear in the house, or encourage everyone to bring a pair of slippers or fun holiday socks.

Call the experts

carpet cleaning in Mississauga

Whether you are located in Mississauga or Woodbridge prepare your carpet for any holiday party by calling in the experts. By using a professional carpet cleaning company, you can make your carpet look great for your guests and protect it at the same time.

Caledon Steam Clean will clean your carpets prior to holiday parties and provide stain protector to ensure the longevity of your carpet. If you’ve already experienced spills or damage to the carpet, we can help. Contact us at (416)587-5113.