2017 Carpet Trends: Classic, Classy, and Functional

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Ring in 2017 by replacing that old shag orange carpet from the 1970s with a new seasonal design. Whether you seek comfort from a softer surface or bold colours, everyone’s style can be accommodated.

1.Eco friendly Carpets

Also known as a “recycled carpet,” this is one of the most popular trends among carpet manufacturers. Recycled or all-natural products are used for several environmentally-friendly designs. These carpets have a smaller “carbon footprint” and are a major trend across the country.

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2. Frieze Carpet

Commonly known as a “twist” or “curly” carpet, a frieze is primarily constructed of fabric twisted at the end, giving it a curled look. For a very natural-looking room with a bold color scheme, these are a fun choice. Be aware that they are difficult to clean, however.

3. Cut And Loop Carpet

A popular rug design scheme in the 70’s and 80’s, cut and loop is made by combining fabric cut straight and made into loops. Although this trend faded over the last couple decades, it has found its way back into manufacturer’s hearts.

4. Neutral Colour Carpet

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This is a classic. Many rooms benefit from a neutral coloured carpet, so that furniture, artwork, and other items can “pop.” These carpets are a staple in many households, especially rental properties.

5. Bold Colour Carpet

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Many modern carpets sport bright orange or purple. However in popular this style may be, brighter coloured carpets tend to fade quicker than most, requiring new carpeting in a shorter period of time.

6. Ribbed Carpets

While generally lacking in style or panache, ribbed carpets are very common — they feel good and are easy to clean. This type of style is regularly used in offices and some people’s homes.

7. Geometric Carpet

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Modern style has leaned towards harder shapes like hexagons and octagons in our carpeting, rather than more intricate designs. This trend is expected to stay for a while.

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