Keep Your Home Free From Pet Odour

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Our pets can be a joy in our lives, but their odours may not be so joyous. Sometimes pet owners become oblivious to these offensive smells until someone walks into their home, gasps for air and collapses in a dead faint. You can avoid this embarrassment by employing a few simple strategies to keep your home odour-free and people-friendly:

CLEAN FREQUENTLY – A home that has fur babies requires a bit of additional, specialized cleaning aimed specifically at eliminating pet odours. Pet toys, bedding, clothing, etc., should be washed at least once a week. This includes any chair, sofa, or other “people” area your pet may favour. Scrub or steam clean these items or areas weekly. Clean and sanitize pet food bowls to eliminate any lingering food odour and harmful bacteria or germs that may be growing. This will keep your pets healthy as well as keeping nasty smells at bay.

USE AIR PURIFIERS – Don’t just use air fresheners to cover up unpleasant scents. Air purifiers clean the air itself by pulling odour-causing impurities and trapping them inside a filter. The secret to using an air purifier is to keep the filter extremely clean and clear. Once the fur, dander, and other smelly stuff has been cleared out of the air, you may not require chemical air fresheners.

hardwood floor cleaning Brampton

REMOVE AND/OR REPLACE OLD, WORN CARPETING – If your carpet has been around since your eight year-old German Shepherd was a puppy, it may be time to invest in new carpeting. Most types of carpeting are magnets for pet odours (plus hair, dander, and occasional accidents). After a number of years the smell become embedded to the point that the most thorough cleaning won’t remove the scent completely. This goes for underlying padding as well. Many pet owners opt for hardwood flooring, especially if they have a young pet that is being house-trained or an elderly one who may be having accidents.

USE THE RIGHT CLEANING PRODUCTS FOR THE JOB – Choose cleaning supplies specially formulated to work on pet smells and stains. Your vet or your pet groomer can recommend products that are safe for home use. Also, look for cheap and effective items that neutralize and absorb odours in your home (such as vinegar or baking soda.p). Sprinkle baking soda on furniture, pillows, pet beds, etc. Leave on overnight, and vacuum in the morning.

hardwood floor cleaning Brampton

EMPLOY A PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICE – For an extremely thorough cleaning, hire a professional cleaning service to come in and steam clean and treat your carpets and upholstery to eliminate odors that may be especially stubborn. Always make sure the company uses pet-friendly products to ensure your fur babies’ safety.

Many professional services use steam to clean and disinfect your home, leaving behind a squeaky-clean, healthy environment for all your loved ones, including those with four legs! Caledon Steam Clean in Ontario offers safe and effective carpet, floor, rug, and upholstery cleaning for your home. Call us today for more information: (416)587-5113.