Cats, Carpets and Cleaning up

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Soft carpet underfoot and a warm, soft cat in your lap might be an ideal scenario for feline lovers. However, carpets and cats aren’t always a great mix. Cats find carpeting and rugs ideal locations for elimination when no one is looking. Our furry friends also quickly discover that a territorial marking scent will remain much longer in carpets than on hard surface flooring.

When your feline friend has an “accident,” it’s probably time to call professional carpet cleaning services in Brampton and surrounding areas to remove undesirable and unsanitary elements.

Inappropriate Elimination

When cats choose to eliminate on carpet instead of a litter box, there is a reason. Here are some possibilities:

  • An aversion to her litter box
  • Marking his territory
  • Health problems such as feline diabetes, urinary tract infection or an obstruction

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A visit to the vet can quickly determine if there is a health issue behind pee or poop on the carpet.

Other issues that may cause cats to refuse to use their litter box are (1) If it’s not cleaned frequently or (2) If they feel unsafe (this is typical in a multi-cat household), and (3) If the litter box is in a high-traffic area.


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Keep litter boxes clean and in a quiet, sheltered location. In multi-cat households, provide each cat with his/her own litter box and place each one in a separate location. Both male and female cats mark their territory with a spray of urine. Cats will continue to mark territories even after being spayed or neutered, but the frequency and amount of spraying will be much less.

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If cat accidents only happen on rare occasions, then spot-cleaning the carpet with a commercial stain and odour removal product should suffice. If the problem is ongoing, a professional carpet cleaning company in Brampton is needed to clean, sanitize and deodorize your home carpeting (and possibly furniture).

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