Overlooked Spots to Clean in Your Home

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Your home may appear clean on the surface, but there are areas that may be forgotten or neglected. This can allow unwanted pathogens to materialize and microbial growth in the home. Furniture, carpeting and rugs can all be culprits. Here are the four most common spots in a house that people routinely forget to clean.

#1 Upholstery

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We sit on it, eat on it, and sometimes we spill things on it. Your upholstery may be more in need of a thorough cleaning than you think. This is especially true if you have children. Even if surface stains are wiped up, they seep into the upholstery and foam.

On upholstery that is dark brown or black, it is particularly unable to see dirt accumulation. Have these pieces cleaned routinely to keep your furniture looking newer and the air in your home fresher. Upholstery cleaning is available for sofas, couch pillows, dining chairs, ottomans and more.

#2 Carpets and Rugs

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Just as upholstery can hide dirt and pathogens, carpets and rugs do, too. Vacuuming removes dirt to an extent but carpeting still needs regular shampooing. DIY (do it yourself) machines are available, but they are not as powerful as those used by a professional carpet cleaning service. Homeowners doing their own shampooing may leave behind soap residue that can make a carpet look worse.

Expert carpet cleaning makes the whole room look brighter. You won’t know how dirty it truly is until you get it cleaned.

#3 Ceramics

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Ceramic tiling is another area forgotten when cleaning a home. This can include ceramic flooring, tiles on a bathroom wall, or throughout a kitchen. Dirt and grime can build up between the tiles over a short period of time, causing them to look dingy.

Using a scrub brush is an option, but it is time consuming and tedious. There are solutions and detergents that can be purchased, but their effectiveness is uncertain and may damage your tiles.

The best way to clean ceramics is through a powerful steam pressure washer that blasts the accumulated nastiness away in very little time. Your ceramic floor and/or bathroom will look like new.

#4 Concrete flooring

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Concrete flooring is another area people often overlook. Concrete is porous and susceptible to stains and dirt just like carpet. A professional service can use a pressure washer to powerfully spray away caked in dirt. This type of cleaning is a great choice for decks, patios and garages.

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