Extend the Life of Your Company Carpeting

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Commercial carpets are a big investment for business owners and therefore need to be maintained for a long life. Here are some quick tips to keep your carpet clean for years to come:

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  • Regular deep cleaning – Entryways get particularly messy and hold dirt beneath the surface. Salt and mud are also damaging to carpeting, so regular professional cleaning will help keep things looking professional and tidy.
  • Keep entry points clean/use mats at doorways – You can place mats on the floor to protect and extend the life of your carpet, but in their absence it’s important to frequently clean spills, water that’s tracked in, and any other debris.
  • Attend to spills immediately – Prevent stains are from becoming problematic; make sure that you attend to them as soon as they happen. If you leave a stain, it will only become more difficult to remove.

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To avoid the heartache of having your carpeting replaced long before it’s past its prime, call Caledon Steam Clean, at (416)587-5113 or email us csccaledonsteamclean@gmail.com. Our professionals will maintain your carpets and keep your office space looking fresh and spotless.